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31 March 2015

Dear Customer:

In response to on-going volatility in the price of natural gas, electricity and fuel oil, and as advised in an earlier announcement of 13 October 2011, IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe has no choice but to implement a system of Energy Surcharges (ESC) across its range of European products as contracts allow.

The level of Energy Surcharge applicable to each product will be calculated based on independently published indices for the cost of natural gas and oil. Surcharges may be positive or negative depending on movement in the market price for energy and will appear as a separate line item on each invoice.

These surcharges will be applied at the time an order is received. Any changes in surcharge will be assessed on the first day of each month and published on our website.

Please see the tables below for more information on the Energy Surcharges applicable to different product ranges.


Brent $bbl
ESC (€/metric tonne)
90 - 100
100 - 110
110 - 120
120 - 130
130 - 140


Brent oil prices based on the monthly average of daily spot price for the previous month, for November it was 79.44$. These prices are published on the EIA website. The Price for Brent crude during December 2010 has been taken as a reference for zero surcharge.

The Energy Surcharge for Perlite will not apply in April.

IMERYS Filtration and Additives Europe appreciates its customers understanding during these times and looks forward to continuing support. Should Imerys customers have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via your usual Imerys commercial representative, or please contact Keith Turkington - Commercial Director, Filtration and Additives Europe


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